The Bellagio Kadina Restaurant is fast becoming the place to dine and be seen. It is located at Kadina in the well-known Copper Coast Region of Northern Yorke Peninsula. The restaurant is ideally located just off the main street of Kadina and has plenty of parking, so access is easy. The family owned, and operated business is making a name for itself as a highly sought-after dining experience due to international Head Chef, Andrea. His passion for cooking and his menu has captured the heart and appetite of couples and families, tourists and locals. The Bellagio Restaurant Kadina is a family business and treats all diners as part of the family, so why not join them and experience Andre’s passion.

Andrea has a strong belief that we are not about ‘fast food,’ we are about ‘slow food.’ What does this mean? Great food always takes time, passion and a genuine desire to be the best.

This is reflected in the Arancini Balls, Lasagne, Gnocchi and Lamb Shanks which are slow cooked for 36 hours. All the sweets from the Tiramisu to the Panna Cotta, just like everything on the menu is prepared in-house with precision, passion and care. The drinks menu is uncomplicated but vast which means you can enjoy a selection of local wine, local or international beer, all of which are sure to please.

As you walk into the restaurant, you’ll instantly feel relaxed and welcome. The décor has an elegant simplicity and those that visit for the first time are always impressed. The Bellagio Restaurant Kadina offers a Café by day ambience with a Brunch menu or coffee and cake and then a fine dining option for dinner.

We also cater for private or business functions and no gathering is too big, or too small.